SO serious about signage

Signage not only plays a pivotal part of any companies brand identity, but also can bring life to a brand no matter how big or small. So whether you are a small store or a large corporate company, we can help animate and promote your brand by using our expertise & experience.


Signage comes in many shapes and forms and depends greatly on the application our clients need.

Due to the vast array of signs available to our customers, Sign Odyssey has always had to pursue the best products and technological advancements available to us, to ensure we are able to assist our clients with their each and every need.

3-Dimensional Signs

These signs are one of the most effective ways of offering a high impact sign. The logo is manufactured in such a way that it stands proud and looks bold and prominent. Most of these signs are ultimately illuminated by means of Neon or LED technology. LED is now the newest addition to illumination and has been used extensively and very effectively throughout the country. So whether you're looking for a sign that has individual elements internally lit or one that offers a halo illumination effect, Sign Odyssey can help.

Digital Print

Media printing has been around for a number of years now and its capabilities have improved exponentially. From its beginnings of only offering indoor prints, digital printing now offers wide format of up to 5 metres with an outdoor life of up to 3 yrs, with print quality that offers vibrant colour and clarity second to none. Digital print is used in a number of ways from window decals to wallpapers, canvas graphics, photo prints, PVC banners, vehicle branding and wrapping and more. The list is endless.

Vehicle branding

This market has grown and has become a very popular way to get your brand out on the road. From simple lettering and logo's to full wraps to customisation. Full wraps involves digital print work onto high quality materials whereas customisation involves single colour materials that transform your vehicles colour. All materials used here are of top quality and also come with a clear cast overlaminate for durability and protection of the print work.

Pylons & Billboards

These signs are not for the feint hearted. From large structures concreted into the ground, to large prints fixed to sides of buildings, we do them all. They can be illuminated if need be by way of spot lights or by fluorescent tubes or LED's if need be. Pylons offer the opportunity for shopping centres to allow their all important tenants some advertising space at the centre but can also be utilised at companies looking to for a prominent way to get their brand out there.

Custom Signs

There are so many different options here but mostly these signs are used for short term or impact signage for indoor or outdoor purposes. From Flags to pull up banners to teardrop banners and gazebos, these products are relatively inexpensive and usually transportable from one site to the next. Items such as trophies and reception signs are popular in this field.

Laser Cut Signs

Sign Odyssey utilises laser cutting extensively to allow for precision cutting of materials varying from plastic to timbers and to metals. Stainless Steel, is a common product used in KZN due to its corrosive resistance qualities but aluminium is always readily available should the need arise. Laser engraving is also available allowing for name plates, plaques and other signage elements.


Since its inception, Sign Odyssey has grown to become one of the most respected and quality conscious sign manufacturing companies in KZN. The owners, Bruno & Lisa-Rae, started shaping our now formidable team, from its humble beginnings in February 1998.


At the beginning only simple signs were made up along with some digital printing done on one of the very first large format printers on the market.

The team quickly grew over the next few years and soon our first premises gave us the opportunity to grow further. Now, Sign Odyssey's new home is at Northgate Place.


Our large premises allows us the opportunity to serve and maintain customer relations efficiently and effectively, keeping us at the top of our game at all times.